Buckle up, comic crusaders and podcast pals! It’s time to rev your engines and polish your lances for an episode that’s about to joust its way into your hearts faster than you can say “SEISMIC IRONCLASH ROULETTE!” That’s right, we’re diving headfirst into the wild world of S.I.R., the new comic series from BOOM! Studios that’s part Fight Club, part ’90s shojo anime, and all motorcycle mayhem!

Joining us in the passenger seat of this high-octane adventure is none other than the maestro of motorcycle madness herself, Fell Hound! This Ringo Award-nominated cartoonist is here to spill the beans on her latest creation, a tale of love, loss, and leather jackets that’ll have you questioning everything you thought you knew about extracurricular activities.

So grab your helmet, check your rear-view mirror for any lovestruck jousters, and get ready to burn rubber through the underground world of S.I.R. Will our host survive this collision of comics and motorcycles? Will Fell Hound reveal the secret to drawing the perfect bike skid mark? There’s only one way to find out, folks! Tune in for an episode that’s guaranteed to leave you revved up and ready for more!

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Alright comic connoisseurs, brace yourselves for an episode that’s going to knock your socks off and leave you begging for more! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of Tooth and Nail Manga Edition, a tantalizing tale that’s sure to sink its claws into your imagination. But wait, there’s more! We’ve got the one and only Cory Byrd from Byrd’s Eye View Comics joining us to spill the beans on this epic Kickstarter campaign.

Get ready to be regaled with tales of action, horror, and adventure that’ll make your heart race and your palms sweat. Whether you’re a die-hard manga fan or just looking for your next comic book fix, this episode is a must-listen. So grab your favorite snacks, settle in, and prepare to be transported to a realm where the lines between reality and fiction blur into one glorious, inky masterpiece.Continue Reading

Welcome back, comic crusaders, to another electrifying episode of Play Comics! This week we’re diving headfirst into the pixelated pages of the web comic Verse, which has made the leap from the digital realm to the tangible world thanks to the fine folks at Vault Comics.

Joining us on this epic quest is none other than the mastermind behind Verse, the illustrious Sam Beck! Prepare yourselves for a whirlwind adventure as we explore the magical universe of Verse, where every panel is a portal to a new dimension and every character has a story that will tug at your heartstrings (or at least make you chuckle).

In this episode we’ll uncover the secrets behind Sam’s creative process, the challenges of transforming a web comic into a physical book, and the delightful surprises that await fans in the printed edition. Whether you’re a long-time follower of Verse or a curious newcomer, this episode promises to be a rollercoaster of wit, wisdom, and whimsical wonder.

So, grab your favorite comic, settle into your comfiest chair, and get ready to embark on a journey from pixels to paper with the one and only Sam Beck. Trust us, you won’t want to miss a single frame of this fantastic tale!Continue Reading

Welcome to another thrilling episode of Play Comics, the only podcast where comics and video games collide with the force of a well-aimed zombie headshot! This week, we’re diving into the eerie, undead-infested waters of the Kickstarter campaign for Outbreaks, a comic series that’s stirring up more excitement than a horde of zombies at a brain buffet.

Joining us in the studio is none other than the necromancer of narrative himself, Will Robson. Creator of Outbreaks, Will is here to share the spine-chilling secrets behind his latest creation. Think Black Mirror meets The Walking Dead—yes, it’s as cool as it sounds!

So, grab your survival gear and a sturdy blunt object, because we’re about to crack open the crypt on what makes Outbreaks a must-back project on Kickstarter. Will’s going to spill the guts (figuratively speaking, of course) on everything from crafting a zombie anthology that could raise the dead to the ins and outs of crowdfunding your comic dreams into reality.

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Gather round comic fans and crowdfunding enthusiasts for a tale of epic proportions! In this episode of Play Comics we dive headfirst into the wild world of Comics are Dying, a comics history anthology that’s taking Zoop by storm. And who better to guide us through this saga than the mastermind behind it all, Louis Southard?

Join us as we explore the highs and lows of running a successful crowdfunding campaign, from crafting the perfect pitch to navigating the treacherous waters of stretch goals. Louis shares his insider secrets, from the importance of a well-timed GIF to the power of a well-placed pun.

But that’s not all! We’ll also delve into the fascinating world of Comics are Dying itself, uncovering the stories behind the stories. From the golden age of comics to the rise of the graphic novel, this anthology has it all. And with Louis at the helm, you know it’s going to be a wild ride.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your comic books, your crowdfunding tips, and your best dad jokes, and join us for an unforgettable episode of Play Comics!Continue Reading

Welcome back, fellow comic crusaders, to another electrifying episode of Play Comics, where we dive headfirst into the colorful world of comic book adventures! Today, we’re donning our wizard hats, sharpening our wands, and preparing to unleash the mystical mayhem of Savage Wizard #2!

In this spellbinding installment, join your trusty host, Chris, as he delves deep into the arcane depths of this fantastical comic series. But hold onto your enchanted broomsticks because this isn’t your average wand-waving wizardry! We’re talking about a tale that’s as wild and unpredictable as a magical mishap in a potion shop!

And guess what? We’ve got a special guest gracing our airwaves today: none other than the Savage Wizard series co-creator and current writer, Lesly Julien!  Brace yourselves for a wizardly wisdom overload as Lesly spills the mystical beans on what it takes to craft a spellbinding comic adventure!

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just here to chat about mystical mischief; we’re also diving into the magical realm of Kickstarter campaigns! That’s right, folks—Savage Wizard #2 is conjuring up some serious crowdfunding magic, and we’re here to give you the inside scoop on how you can join the spellbinding journey!

So grab your spellbooks, summon your familiars, and get ready for a podcast episode that’s hotter than a dragon’s breath and wackier than a wizard’s wand malfunction! Tune in and let’s embark on a fantastical adventure through the pages of Savage Wizard #2!

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Strap in, true believers, because we’re about to dive headfirst into the wild world of Kickstarter campaigns and comic book mayhem! This week on Play Comics, we’re taking a look at the Kickstarter for the action-packed graphic novel Gunpunch, and we’ve got the creator himself, Fernando Pinto, here to give us the inside scoop.

Fernando Pinto, the mastermind behind Gunpunch, is joining us to share the gritty details of bringing this high-octane comic to life. From the explosive action sequences to the sharply-drawn characters, this guy has poured his heart and soul (and probably a few gallons of coffee) into making Gunpunch a must-read for any fan of the medium.

The Gunpunch Kickstarter campaign is in full swing thanks to Rocketship Entertainment, and let me tell you, it’s a wild ride. Backer rewards range from digital copies of the comic to limited-edition prints that will have your fellow comic nerds green with envy. And if you’re feeling particularly generous, there’s even an opportunity to get your face immortalized as a character in the story. Talk about a power move!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on board the Gunpunch hype train and get ready for a wild ride! With Fernando Pinto at the helm, you know this comic is going to be a knockout. Strap on your utility belt, grab your favorite snacks, and get ready to dive headfirst into the world of Gunpunch. It’s going to be a punchy good time, true believers!Continue Reading

Welcome, cosmic adventurers and comic aficionados, to another interstellar episode of Play Comics, where the fabric of reality is as bendable as the pages of a comic book, and the heroes are as quirky as our sense of humor. This week, we’re donning our power bands and setting our sights on the vast, uncharted territories of space. Why, you ask? Because we’re diving headfirst into the latest cosmic vigilante saga that’s blasting its way through the comic cosmos – the upcoming Space Ghost comic being published by Dynamite Comics!

But hold onto your space helmets dear listeners, because this episode isn’t just any ordinary galactic gabfest. Oh no, we’ve managed to snag series writer and return guest, David Pepose, who’s back and more mysterious than Space Ghost’s secret identity (which, by the way, remains one of the universe’s best-kept secrets). David’s here to give us the inside scoop on what it’s like to breathe new life into a character who’s been everything from a champion of justice to a smarmy talk show host.

Prepare for an episode filled with tales of cosmic vigilantes, nefarious space pirates, and the occasional monkey sidekick. We’ll explore the dark corners of the Galactic Federation, where evil lurks in the shadows, and only one hero can bring justice to the stars. Yes, we’re talking about the man, the myth, the legend – Space Ghost!

So, whether you’re a long-time fan of the spectral space hero or just curious about what happens when you mix superheroes with the final frontier, this episode is for you. Join us as we chat with David Pepose about the challenges of reviving a classic character, the thrill of exploring uncharted narrative galaxies, and, most importantly, whether Space Ghost prefers his coffee black as the void of space or with a splash of Milky Way.

Buckle up, listeners, because we’re about to launch into an episode that’s out of this world. And remember, in space, no one can hear you laugh – but here on Play Comics, laughter is just part of the adventure.Continue Reading

Greetings, time travelers and comic connoisseurs! Buckle up your seatbelts and grab your favorite snacks because you’re in for a treat with this very special bonus episode of Play Comics that’s more colorful than a double rainbow!

✨ In this heartwarming and possibly tear-jerking installment, we’re diving into the pages of When I Was Young, the BackerKit campaign that’s not just a comic anthology but a time capsule of love, advice, and triumph. It’s an LGBTQIA+ extravaganza where the creative teams pour their hearts out in stories they wish they could whisper to their younger selves. And guess what? All profits are being donated to The Trevor Project, because who doesn’t love comics with a cause?

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just flipping through the pages alone. Oh no, we’ve managed to snag the anthology’s editor, the one and only Michele Abounader, to join us for this episode. Michele will share the behind-the-scenes magic, the tears, the laughter, and maybe even the secret recipe to creating an anthology that’s as inspiring as it is fabulous.

So whether you’re a die-hard fan of all things LGBTQIA+, a comic anthology aficionado, or just someone who loves a good story with a dash of nostalgia, this episode is for you. Tune in, get cozy, and let’s send some love letters to our past selves together. It’s going to be a rainbow-riding, comic-reading, feel-good kind of day here at Play Comics! Continue Reading

Demonic possessions are nothing new. But I still get hooked every time one of those stories comes up. The Exorcist was the first movie that really bothered me when I watched it. The Exorcism of Emily Rose was a birthday tradition for a while. There’s just something about how people deal with those creatures that always grabs my interest. Maybe it’s the struggle between keeping hold of yourself while dealing with an entity that’s much stronger than you. Maybe it’s because a religious upbringing tried to teach me that monsters aren’t real, but demons and stuff like that are. But who are we kidding, monsters are totally real.

What else is real is the talent of David Pepose and Alex Cormack. So you can imagine my excitement when David agreed to come talk about The Devil That Wears My Face, a book from Mad Cave all about a demonic possession in 1740s Europe. Listen in as we try to get to the heart of how someone so nice can write something so scary. Or maybe I should say the heart cavity……Continue Reading

Welcome, dear listeners, to another bodyslammin’ edition of Play Comics! Get ready to tag in and grapple with nostalgia as your host, Chris, is joined by the dynamic duo of wrestling wisdom: Adam “Ringmaster” Williamson and Josh “Suplex Strategist” Garvey!

In this pixelated pilgrimage through the archives of gaming history, our intrepid trio steps into the virtual ring to dissect the legendary N64 classic—WWF No Mercy. It’s a game that’s more electrifying than a Rock Bottom and has more twists than a Stone Cold Stunner.

But this isn’t just about button-mashing and joystick jiu-jitsu. Chris, Adam, and Josh are here to unravel the intricate connections between the digital squared circle and the real-world rumbles of professional wrestling. From powerbombs to power-ups, they’ll grapple with the game’s impact on the wrestling genre and how it managed to body-slam its way into the hearts of gamers worldwide.

Prepare for a verbal Royal Rumble as they dissect the game’s character roster, match types, and those legendary “OH MY GOD!” moments that made WWF No Mercy a slam dunk for wrestling and gaming enthusiasts alike.

So lace up those boots, polish your championship belts, and press play as Play Comics takes you on a journey down memory lane, where the only pins are the ones you aim for in the ring, and the only submissions are the ones that make you submit to the nostalgia. Get ready for a piledriver of fun in this bodyslammin’ episode that’s sure to leave you chanting, “This is awesome!”

Disclaimer: No controllers were harmed in the making of this podcast. However, the same cannot be said for friendships lost during heated multiplayer sessions. Listener discretion is advised.Continue Reading

I’ve decided that I just really like fantasy stories. I’ve decided that a lot in the past, and I’m deciding it again right now. There’s just something about a writer being able to ignore all of what’s actually possible in this world and yet still having to make something that’s internally consistent with the story that they want to tell. Something about an artist being able to make characters that just couldn’t happen here in anyway, be it through crazy anatomy that just doesn’t play nicely with Earthly physics or the fact that if an alligator was really on a team with a rabbit one of them would get eaten pretty quickly and we all know which one that would be.

Let’s scratch just about all of those itches at once with an episode where I talk to Grant Stoye about his Kickstarter series, and also upcoming Scout Comics book Sidequest! Listen in as we get to some of the hows and whys behind this wonderful story and try to figure out how Chris didn’t know about it sooner.Continue Reading

Some of the most important things I have right now are things that I’ve always had. Mostly my stuffed Snoopy that I’ve had since I was little. And while having him to hold on to has helped in a lot of situations, what if he was actually able to physically fight off demons and monsters?

Listen in as Tayson Martindale comes to talk about his comic The Keepsakers, a story that explores that exact theme of your childhood friends actually being some of your biggest protectors. (Hopefully) Coming to a comic store near you March 29th and brought to you by Invader Comics.Continue Reading

Sometimes you just need to flip things on their head. You know, really make sure to hit the point that you’re trying to make. Take down anything that stands in your way and kick right through any obstacle standing before you.

And sometimes I just try to make stupid puns because we’re doing things backwards today and looking at comic books based on a video game. Listen in as the Pop Historian joins the show to talk about the Mortal Kombat comics that are obviously based on that game you might have heard of from the 1990s.Continue Reading

What is it that makes a comic connect with an audience? Is it the writing? The art? The characters? Nope, but also yes….? It’s the passion behind it. And that passion certainly comes across in everything else but you can have the best writer and artist in the world using the most popular characters and have things fall flat if they’re just going through the motions.

Today we’re talking about Ravage with Eli Powell. He certainly has the passion for this story and I’m really excited to get my hands on a physical copy of this one. Be sure to check out the Ravage Kickstarter Campaign so you can get your hands on one as well.

And a big thanks to Mike over at Invader Comics for helping to set this one up.Continue Reading

In the cold dark reaches of space nobody can hear you scream. Or something like that. Look, I’ve never been to space so I can’t know for sure. But I know that if I went to space I’d be lonely without my Kayleigh and that would suck so I’m not sure if I want to even think about that.

But Elyse Russell on the other hand, all about mixing up sci fi and romance in ways that I wouldn’t be able to pull off. Which is great because she’s helping to put together Amongst the Stars so I can read it and let her do all the work to put it together.Continue Reading

Pocus is still in Hell. He’s got Emily. He’s got Horrus. He’s got problems. And what can he do about it?

I have no idea, and to be perfectly honest I’m not sure that Allen Dunford does either. But it’s his job (along with Will Radford who sadly couldn’t be in this episode) to make the story happen. Which is good because they’re a lot better at it than I would be.Continue Reading

One of the best things about comics, especially lately, is the amount of creator diversity we’ve been able to get. So it warms my heart when we can get a collection bringing together a bunch of creators that don’t normally have a chance to get together for this specific reason. And what is that reason?

Well, we’re taking a look at Sensory: Life on the Spectrum with Bex Ollerton to take a look at her book giving creators with Autism a space to share their experiences. And I use her in the loosest sense of the word because a lot of people helped out in making this happen.Continue Reading

Sometimes we have to revisit some things. A blast from the past if you will. There can be so many reasons for this. Maybe there’s unfinished business. Maybe it’s just a fun trip down memory lane. Or maybe there’s something more sinister going on than you even want to think about.

Or it could just be because we previously looked at a title as a Kickstarter book and now we’re looking at it again when it’s with a publisher. So Tyler Ruff might not have any thing sinister up his sleeves in this relook at The Atonement Bell (previously heard about with Jim Ousley on Ep B57). But we can’t really know that without listening to this telling of the tale now, can we?Continue Reading

Hot take here: comics are pretty fun. And one of those fun things is getting new stuff to check out. There’s just something about the teamwork and the combination of words and art and the way they work together that just hits me in all the right ways. I love it. The creators love it. That’s why I end up getting a lot of creators on this show.

But there’s the publishing side of things too. So who better to have come on the show than Patrick Hickey Jr to give us an insight into the publishing side of the comics world? And to give us a peek at what Legacy Comix has coming out for their fall slate of releases? Seriously, look at these!Continue Reading

Alright no jokes with this one at all. I was looking through Previews one month and there’s this cover just staring at me. Barbaric. Such a simple name. Such an enticing cover. What’s not to love? You know, unless you hate cool looking comics and/or getting in at the start of the story of something like this.

Enter Michael Moreci, writer of Barbaric, coming to talk about his wonderful series. Especially this second arc, Axe to Grind. I’ll be perfectly honest with you about this one in saying that I can’t over sell it because this thing is soooooooooooooooo good. The comic, not this episode. I don’t deserve as many O’s as the comic does. While you’re checking things out, head over to the Wasted Space Kickstarter campaign as well.Continue Reading