Coming To Talk About Your Stuff

So you’re a creator that wants to come on the show and talk about your stuff? Sweet, I want to get more people like you on the show. You take the time to create something and I think that’s really cool and you probably deserve to tell as many people about it as possible.

99% of the time if you’re a creator coming to talk about your own stuff it’s going to be a bonus episode, and those are less structured and really all about you. But there are a few things I want to make sure we’re on the same page about:

  • This is a show about the intersection of comics and video games (I hope you already knew that though). You don’t have to be making a comic or video game to come on here, but you do have to be making something that I think this audience will be into. I’m leaving this open ended on purpose but if you got the link from me then there isn’t anything to worry about.
  • This episode is about you and your stuff. If I’m letting you on then I already think your stuff is cool. But if we’re going to really make other people excited about it I’d really love to see some of it beforehand. I don’t expect a full finished version of your game or free copy of your book or anything, but I do need enough to have a conversation with you about it.
  • I don’t mind having a list of points from you that you want to make sure are covered. This is your stuff after all. But I do reserve the right to final say in what gets published which includes if this gets published at all. That being said if I’m taking the time to record it with you I want to publish it, and please let me know if there is a preferred release window so we can have it come out at a time that actually benefits you.
  • My day job dictates that I have to record weekday evenings or on weekends, and I’m on the east coast of the United States. You’ll have to fit into that time frame or there’s no way this will ever happen. Which sucks because I really want it to.
  • Normal episode lengths are 40-60 minutes and I don’t want to make these much longer than that. They certainly don’t have to be that long though.
  • I do expect you to at least retweet me when I post on Twitter that the episode is out or something similar on your social media of choice. I know you have it because that’s probably how I found you.
  • Finally, just to reiterate because I think this is the most important part, I like your stuff and wouldn’t even waste my time talking to you if I didn’t.

If you’re hesitant at all then check out some past episodes where I’ve talked to creators or if you’ve somehow found this page without getting the link directly from me feel free to fill out the form below and see about getting something set up.

Come Talk About Yourself

Come Talk About Yourself

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