Just a collection of frequently asked questions. No particular order here at the moment. That might change.


Oh this looks fun! Can I be a guest on the show?
Sure. Check out the Be a Guest page if it’s for a regular episode or the Creator Guest page if you want to talk about a thing you’re making.
You should get [insert person here] as a guest on the show!
That’s not really a question, but I know where you’re going with that so it’s fine. Let’s break this into a few parts. If you can, send them over to the Be a Guest page and tell them to get in contact with me.  Yes, there’s a form there. No, I don’t really care if people fill it out but yes doing so is a quick way to answer all the questions I’ll have. If you’re thinking of  famous person then chances are I’ve also thought of getting them on the show. Suggest away, I love hearing who you want to hear on the show. But that’s a bit harder to pull off.
Can you book me for an episode way in the future?
Short answer: No Longer answer: Maaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeee

Honestly I just don’t want to book guests for episodes I won’t get to recording for a while because things happen and I’m worried I’ll forget that I booked you and record it with someone else. Or that you’ll disappear and then I’ve told other people they can’t have that game when I didn’t really need to. Or really any number of things. They key thing is I worry. I’m owning that.

Obviously there are exceptions. Like a few games I’ve promised to people because of special favors that I won’t get into here because that’s really just between me and them. Or if the perfect guest asks about doing the perfect episode, like Gail Simone wanting to come on for a game she worked on. It can’t hurt to ask. I try to keep track of people who have asked and give them the first crack at it when the time comes. But 99% of the time I’m not locking people in for a game that I know is literally years away from being recorded.

Nuts and Bolts

What happened to Episode 45?
Nothing, I’m just an idiot and labeled the episode art wrong. Funny story, it’s also why there are a few sets of episodes with the same number. At some point it’s just silly to go back and redo things to make it right. Besides, we’re looking at comics (where publishing info is all over the place) and video games (where you’ve got games coming out multiple times for the same system) so it’s thematically appropriate.
When will you cover [this comic]/[this game]?
The entire order for the episodes is based on game release dates. The short answer is “I’ll get to it when I get to it.” But in reality it’s a bit more complicated than that. I’ve said from the start that I’m going roughly chronologically because I knew there would be mistakes and weirdness. Part of the weirdness is just having to put the list of games that will be covered together. Wikipedia’s list was a good starting point but missed a lot, especially with regards to manga based games. Plus I have to get guests lined up for episodes and obviously some games are more popular than others. I’m trying to mix in those older games that got missed with newer things. I’m trying to get guests for the less popular games that have been skipped over.
What happened to the Patreon First episodes?
Honestly? I just got tired if recording them and editing them and making a push to promote them both when they came out for Patrons and then again when they came out for everyone else. So now everything just counts as a bonus episode.
How come not all episodes have bloopers/outtakes at the end?
Sometimes we actually know what we’re doing and don’t mess things up. It’s one of the down sides of practice, you get better at stuff. I also don’t want to use the bloopers for continually highlighting guest mistakes. That would make me feel like an asshole.