Full List of What’s Available

This is the master list of what’s available and unspoken for. I’ll admit that there’s probably some games that are missing, mostly new things. I’ll also apologize right now for being a bit harsh and blunt here. But soooo many people have asked for Wii games or PS3 games and especially if our first communication is you trying to get booked on the show I’m not ready for that kind of commitment.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that I DON’T DO FINAL BOOKINGS BASED ON YOU SHOWING INTEREST HERE. Too many things can happen between now and the weeks or months or years later when I finally get to that game.

Another thing to remember is that GAMES RELEASED EARLIER WILL HAVE THAT EPISODE RELEASED EARLIER. I don’t want to record episodes months and months ahead of time and sit on them. So no, I’m not going to record Arkham Asylum with you this weekend and wait until I get to PS3 games to release it.

You might see something in the “Stage” column, that just means that someone is loosely tied to that episode but is not locked in. If the game is here and you want it then let me know. But this isn’t a first come first served kind of thing.