Can you book me for an episode way in the future?

Short answer: No

Longer answer: Maaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeee

Honestly I just don’t want to guests for episodes I won’t get to recording for a while because things happen and I’m worried I’ll forget that I booked you and record it with someone else. Or that you’ll disappear and then I’ve told other people they can’t have that game when I didn’t really need to. Or really any number of things. They key thing is I worry. I’m owning that.

Obviously there are exceptions. Like a few games I’ve promised to people because of special favors that I won’t get into here because that’s really just between me and them. Or if the perfect guest asks about doing the perfect episode, like Gail Simone wanting to come on for a game she worked on.

It can’t hurt to ask. I try to keep track of people who have asked and give them the first crack at it when the time comes. But 99% of the time I’m not locking people in for a game that I know is literally years away from being recorded.


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