Welcome to another thrilling episode of Play Comics, the only podcast where comics and video games collide with the force of a well-aimed zombie headshot! This week, we’re diving into the eerie, undead-infested waters of the Kickstarter campaign for Outbreaks, a comic series that’s stirring up more excitement than a horde of zombies at a brain buffet.

Joining us in the studio is none other than the necromancer of narrative himself, Will Robson. Creator of Outbreaks, Will is here to share the spine-chilling secrets behind his latest creation. Think Black Mirror meets The Walking Dead—yes, it’s as cool as it sounds!

So, grab your survival gear and a sturdy blunt object, because we’re about to crack open the crypt on what makes Outbreaks a must-back project on Kickstarter. Will’s going to spill the guts (figuratively speaking, of course) on everything from crafting a zombie anthology that could raise the dead to the ins and outs of crowdfunding your comic dreams into reality.

Don’t miss this episode—it’s bound to be infectious!

Learn such things as:

  • When is spooky season?
  • Do story arc lengths matter in an ongoing anthology?
  • When will we have to admit defeat and get a trade instead of single issues?
  • And so much more!

You can find Will on Twitter, YouTubeTicTok, Instagram, @RobsinInk. You can also find other cool stuff at his website Speech Bubble Comics and show some monetary support through his Patreon page.

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Intro/Outro Music by Best Day, who is too scared to listen to this episode.

Chris Osborne

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