This show is made a lot better with the amazing guests that I’ve been able to line up. From people in the comics and game industries to those who are just big fans, everyone here brings a unique perspective and makes the show a lot more fun than just listening to me talk every week.

Everyone here is alphabetical by last name, it seems like the fairest way to do it.

Michele Abounader (@cerealpancake)

Ed Annunziata (Playchemy)

Carl Antonowicz (Canto Comics)

Chris Baker (

Dave Baker (Hey Dave Baker)

Eric Bailey (Tiny Bookshelf)

Michael Bailey (Fortress of Baileytude Podcast Network)

Chris Benamati (Band of Bards)

Mark Bernal (Lesser Known Comics)

Luz Bianca (

Billy (CommanderCast)

Michael Bivens (Silent Journeys)

Jordan Blum (Jordan Blum on Twitter)

Josh Bowman (Faith Deficit)

Brett (Wheel Weaves)

Jeffrey Brown (The Valkyrie Quartet)

Cullen Bunn (

Joe Bunzerelly (The Bunzerelly Show)

Lanier Burton (Coolesdolo)

Kristian Cabrera (Simping for Senpai)

Mike Campbell (Captain’s Comics and Toys)

Chris Chávez (Believer Skeptic)

Becky Cloonan (Mystery School Comics Group)

Paul Combs (Nooks and Crannies)

Michael Conrad (

Johnny Craft (Life Under Kaiju Kickstarter)

Brandon Cruz (Apathetic Enthusiasm, Interdimensional RSS, Submitted For Your Approval)

Paul Csomo (Varmints)

Andrew Mecha Davis (Popanimecomics)

Charlie Davis (The Young Ones, Match Club)

Jeremy Dennis (TransMissions)

Jennifer DeRoss (Jennifer’s Comic Blog)

Mark Diaz (Mark’s Movie Collection)

Will Dickstein (Will’s Amazon Author Page)

Didge (Geekset Podcast)

Rich Douek (

Chris Dreier (Chris’s Linktree)

Ryan Drost (Stealth Hammer #2)

Allen Dunford (Pocus Hocus #3)

Chris Eddleman (Chrises on Infinite Earths)

Christi Eddleman (Chrises on Infinite Earths)

Jay Edidin (Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men)

Matt Entin (Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia)

Matthew Erman (

Taylor Esposito (Ghost Glyph Studios)

Blair Farrell (Comic Book Video Games)

Kyle Federline (Real Dudes Podcast)

Brent Fisher (

Jordan Forbes (Shonen Flop)

Steve Foxe (, Razorblades)

Corey Fryia (Corey’s Linktree)

David Gallaher (David Gallaher on Twitter)

Matt Gardner (Floating Hands Studios)

Josh Garvey

Keith Gawla (Pop Up Film Cast)

Joe Glass (Joe Glass Comics)

Sophie Goldstein (Red Ink Radio)

Adam Gorham (Adam Gorham’s Linktree)

Eric Grissom (

Anthony Gramuglia (

Misty Graves (

Derek Graziano (Rolling Misadventures, The Sometimes Geek)

Torey Griffith

Chris Grimmett (Is This Adulting?)

Rhett Hall (The Wall Fly)

Trevor H (Catching Up on Cinema)

Doug Hensley (Gaming and Chill)

Luke Herr (Exiled, Multiversal Q, RPG Pals Club)

Megan Hesse (Oh No! Lit Class)

Patrick Hickey Jr (Review Fix)

Jen Hickman (

Adam Higgins (Odd Dad Out)

Matthew Hocker (The Matt Hocker Show, Coo Gaming)

Spencer Scott Holmes (Old Man Orange, Pizza Boyz)

Steve Honeycutt (Ray Can’t Sleep)

John Horsley (Spoiler Country)

Matt Hunter (Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men)

Insane Ian (Insane Ian on Bandcamp and YouTube)

Kelsey Jane

Tommy Jauregui (Twitter/Instagram)

Zack Jenkins (Battle of the Atom)

TJ Johnson (Voice From the Underground)

Tristan Johnson (It’s (Probably) Not Aliens, Step Back History)

Les Julien (Les Write)

Cam Kerkau (@CamKerkau)

Tyler Kirby (Better Than Static)

Ed Kuehnel (Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia)

Oriana Leckert (Oriana

Erin Lee (Girls Talk Comics)

Eric Lewald (X-Men TAS)

Julia Lewald (X-Men TAS)

Max Majerni (@SnowballMax)

Chris Mancini (White Cat Entertainment)

Frank Martin (Frank the Writer)

Karrington Martin (Real Dudes Podcast)

Tayson Martindale

Dan McMahon (DC Supersons)

Jake McMahon (DC Supersons)

BJ Mendelson (

Adam Messinger (Adam Messinger on Twitch)

Michiums (Michiums on Big Cartel)

Peter Milligan (Peter Milligan on Twitter)

Steven Ray Morris (See Jurassic Right)

Kevin Newburn (Kevin on Twitter)

Scott Niswander (NerdSync)

Mike O’Brien (DC SuperSons)

Scarlett O’Dell (Gatecrashers)

Steve Orlando (@thesteveorlando on Twitter)

Kayleigh Osborne (Meddling Kids)

Jim Ousley (Butcher Queen, The Atonement Bell)

Eric Palicki (

Jimmy Palmiotti (Paper Films)

Kostas Pantoulas (

Steven Pappas (Is This Adulting?)

David Pepose (

Diego Jourdan Pereira (Diego Jourdan Pro)

Mike Perkins (215 Ink)

Will Perkins (

Fernando Pinto (

Phil Primeau (Semi Intellectual Musings)

Reed Puc

Charlie Ragnorok (@charlieragnarok)

Joe Raspolich (Life, Death, and Taxonomy)

Adam Reck (Battle of the Atom)

Justin Reed (Game ‘n Watch)

Kenrick Regan (Spoiler Country)

Andrew Reiner (Game Informer, The Spectacular Comic Book Podcast)

Justin Richards (@EmoComicWriter on Twitter)

Diego Rivera (Behold The Sack)

RJ (Oh No! Lit Class)

Roger Reichardt (Gamerheads)

Carlos Rivera (Life, Death, and Taxonomy)

Mike Ryan (The Controller Throwers)

L.W. Salinas (

Matt Sanderson (Nooks and Crannies, Semi Intellectual Musings)

Ben Sawyer (Butcher Queen)

David Sherrer (

Lydia Sherrer (

Erica Schultz (Erica Schultz Writes)

Alex Schumacher (Alex Schumacher Art)

Robert Secundus (Comics XF)

Trent Seely (Continuity Nod)

Chris Sims (The ISB, War Rocket Ajax, Movie Fighters, Apocrypals, Sailor Business, Xena Warrior Business)

Michael Shea (The Basement Lounge)

Kieran Shiach

Eli Sirota (The Not So Crazy Podcast of Blizzard the Wizard and Eli)

Skyler (Magical Girl Defense Force)

Bryan Soroka (Bryan’s Twitter Page)

Chris Sotomayor (Twitter/Facebook)

Lisa Sterle (

Miles Stokes (Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men)

Tom Stolinski (Band of Bards)

Josh Sutton (Panels to Pixels)

John Svedese (Legacy Comix)

Anthony Sytko (Capes on the Couch)

Zac Thompson (The Voice in Your Head Is Mine)

Scott Thrower (Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children)

Steampunk Link (SNEScapades)

Zoe Tunnell (Blade Maidens)

Micah Ulmer (Speed Racer Daily)

Steve Urena (Steve Urena on Gum Road)

Cody Wagner (Believer Skeptic)

Chris Walk (Don’t Forget a Towel)

Najee Walker/Kamijace (The Weekly Cooldown)

Alistair (Get Soft with Dr. Snuggles)

Devin Warner (Exiled, Multiversal Q)

Nick Weaver (Thumbles Webtoon)

David Weinberger (Shonen Flop)

Aaron Weiss (Weisscast)

Alex Whiteley (Thors-kin)

Jackie Anne Wiedemeier (@art.jackieanne)

Justin Williams (SuperTangent)

Stephanie Williams (Why Steph)

Adam Williamson (Boldly Viewing)

Issa Wurie (Young, Free, and Coupled)

Andrew Young (4 Panel)

Mikey Zee (The Young Ones)

Emmy Zero (SNEScapades)