Welcome back, fellow comic crusaders, to another electrifying episode of Play Comics, where we dive headfirst into the colorful world of comic book adventures! Today, we’re donning our wizard hats, sharpening our wands, and preparing to unleash the mystical mayhem of Savage Wizard #2!

In this spellbinding installment, join your trusty host, Chris, as he delves deep into the arcane depths of this fantastical comic series. But hold onto your enchanted broomsticks because this isn’t your average wand-waving wizardry! We’re talking about a tale that’s as wild and unpredictable as a magical mishap in a potion shop!

And guess what? We’ve got a special guest gracing our airwaves today: none other than the Savage Wizard series co-creator and current writer, Lesly Julien!  Brace yourselves for a wizardly wisdom overload as Lesly spills the mystical beans on what it takes to craft a spellbinding comic adventure!

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just here to chat about mystical mischief; we’re also diving into the magical realm of Kickstarter campaigns! That’s right, folks—Savage Wizard #2 is conjuring up some serious crowdfunding magic, and we’re here to give you the inside scoop on how you can join the spellbinding journey!

So grab your spellbooks, summon your familiars, and get ready for a podcast episode that’s hotter than a dragon’s breath and wackier than a wizard’s wand malfunction! Tune in and let’s embark on a fantastical adventure through the pages of Savage Wizard #2!

Also stick around through the end to hear about another great Kickstarter campaign, Stealth Hammer #3!

Learn such things as:

  • How do you survive basically your entire creative team having to back out of a project?
  • What spell does Kickstarter use to keep creators coming back?
  • Where did all the colors go?
  • And so much more!

You can find on Twitter @LesWrite, Instagram @les_write, and his website Les Write. And of course be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign for Savage Wizard #2.

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Intro/Outro Music by Best Day, who only rolls Nat 1’s.

Chris Osborne

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