Words: Patrick Hickey Jr Art: Joshua Adams Colors:  Joshua Adams Letters: John Svedese Publisher: Legacy Comix Sometimes life is not fair for those who deserve it, and Sarita is in that group. Despite the delinquency in her neighborhood, she is a brave and generous wife and mother who shines through inContinue Reading

If Joey Janela and Penelope Ford had guns and a criminal mind before signing with AEW, you’d have Dan Dero and Bev.

The world of independent wrestling is filled with stories of struggle and heartbreak, and Dan Dero’s journey is no exception. In “The Job – Vol. 1” by Legacy Comix, we follow Dero and his partner Bev as they turn to a life of crime to make ends meet. This gritty story asks, “What are you willing to do to succeed and survive?”Continue Reading

Pro wrestling and crime are more closely related than one might think. After all, the whole thing more or less got started as nothing more than a pretty elaborate con, and the rap sheets of some of the men and women who have been involved in the sport tell their own tale. Honestly, it’s a little surprising that more writers haven’t mined this particular vein, especially since it’s full of larger-than-life characters routinely putting their health on the line for the promise of what’s generally a pretty small payday.Continue Reading

What exactly does it mean to carry on a legacy? Does it matter who you’ve learned things from? Does it matter if it’s a family or cultural aspect versus something that you’ve picked up just by living your life? Do you have to know you’re doing it for things to count.

These are all questions that get asked by The Legend of the Night Owl #1. Or attempt to anyway because let’s be real getting an answer to those questions would probably break the world.Continue Reading

There are so many ways to tell a story. You can start at the beginning and make sure the reader know everything that’s going on. You can have a point of view character who learns things as an excuse to teach the reader what is going on. You can do it all as a flashback or memoir and have a different frame for everything.

Or you can just throw all of that out the window and trust that your audience understands the conventions of the genre you’re in and can fill in a lot of the blanks for themselves.Continue Reading

The future is scary. It seems it’s always been scary. Remember when we would see dates like 20XX and know it was a stand in for some far off time when the world would be a totally different place? Yep those days are long gone. Heck it’s the year 20XX right now!

Enter Josh Adams, artist behind the Godfoe Universe series soon to be published by legacy Comix. Listen in as we take a look behind the scenes of this new comic universe that should have you pretty excited. Or scared out of your mind. Definitely one of those two.

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