The Team

Play Comics is a team effort. Here’s who makes it possible

Chris runs the Play Comics podcast and website. When he's not he's usually spending time with his wife and three cats. Or working on his other podcast Caffeine and Spite or on another show from the Gonna Geek network, Legends of Shield. Other bylines include:
A.S. Williamson is a teacher and writer from Nashville, TN. When not writing, he is engaged in a shadowy war against that which man was not meant to know.
Erin hasn't been reading comics for too long, but she sure thinks about them too much. She likes books from small publishers, but prefers a good Graphic Novel to an ongoing series. Currently she is one of two hosts for the Girls Talk Comics podcast.
Andrew Young Author
Hailing from the UK, Andrew spends most of his time in a haze of tea, biscuits and comics. Coincidentally, he also has a comic book adaptations based podcast that you can Behold!
Tyler Kirby is an an ex-engineer and current middle school math teacher. In his spare time he likes to read comics, play video games, and hang out with his awesome wife.