What does this cover make you think of? If you’re one of the casual comic fans that I’m friends with it’s just a normal picture of an American hero taking out the enemy. What’s so weird about that?

Well for one it’s the fact that this was cover dated March of 1941 but was on sale in December of 1940. Don’t forget that the United States didn’t enter World War II until December of 1941. So we’ve got a US publisher not only telling the tale of an American hero punching the leader of a foreign nation in the face, but we have it flat out on the cover. There’s no hiding what the creators of this comic or the publishers felt.

Keep in mind too that before the US entered the war there were a shit ton of reasons why people wanted the US to stay out of it.

  • A preference for Nazism over Fascism
  • A general sense of Pacifism and Isolationism

I get it, going to war on a very international level like that is a big deal. And to a point I can even understand an attitude of letting the people closer to the situation geographically try to handle it themselves first, especially at a time where moving that amount of people and supplies was a big deal.

Here’s the bigger thing, you do what you can when you can. If you can actually go out and directly fix the problem then that’s great. If all you can do is bring awareness to it then that’s fine too. Nobody can fix a problem that they don’t know exists.

Chris Osborne

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