The X-Men Return in the sequel to the classic Genesis game. This time around they actually get to leave the mansion and head out into the world. But can they defeat the Phalanx when they come to destroy all mutants?

Listen in as Brandon Cruz from Apathetic Enthusiasm, or is it Interdimensional RSS, or maybe it’s Submitted For Your Approval, aww crap I think we might have a clone problem…

Learn such things as:

  • What happened with all the clones?
  • How has female character representation changed in the long 2 years since the last X-Men game for Genesis?
  • Can they ever top the joke that opens the game?
  • And much more!

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If you’re reading the show notes and see this then please send me a picture of your favorite bird. It really doesn’t have anything to do with the episode but I’m curious about who reads these.

Thanks to Miles Stokes from Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men for that sweet sweet intro drop.

A big thanks to Chris, Cory, and Donnie from More Gooder Than as well as Megan and RJ from Oh No! Lit Class for the promos today.

Music by Best Day, who understand more about magnetism than Marvel scientists from the 1960s.

Chris Osborne

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