For All the Marketing People Out There

So you’re a marketing person who wants me to talk about their client’s stuff. Maybe with a different title depending on the size of your operation but let’s not get caught up in semantics here. The important part is that I like getting cool stuff in front of new eyes and you’ve got cool stuff that needs to be in front of new eyes. It’s a perfect match really.

The basic requirement here is that it’s something that fits the scope of the site (a purposefully broad statement there) and that I get to see enough of it to get the job done.

So how can we make this happen?

Crowdfunding Writeup

Do you have a crowdfunding campaign that you want promoted? Well I love those, and I know you want this one to be a success. We can definitely have a piece written about the work and campaign highlighting why this work is so cool and what benefits people can get for backing it.


If there’s not a crowdfunding campaign going then maybe a review is more up your alley. The only real difference here is that we can’t really talk about crowdfunding rewards since those won’t exist. Check the comic reviews for examples here.

Creator Interview

If the timing is right then we can get some of the creative team on the podcast for an interview. This definitely takes some planning ahead because we’ll need time to record the episode and give me enough time to edit and release it while it’s still beneficial to do so. But I love doing these and there are always some fun surprises that pop up while recording.

But what’s this going to cost you?

I’m only putting this section in here because I want to be perfectly clear on my position here. Unless you’re asking me to put out a podcast episode on a pretty accelerated timeline I’m not expecting payment for any of this.