It’s Been A Year

Facebook reminded me this morning that it’s been a year since I started with the current guest format of the show, or at least close enough. I can’t believe it’s been that long since I grabbed Josh Bowman and we put out something on the Silver Surfer game that everyone loves to hate. I can’t believe it’s been that long already.

I’ve thought of the show as a Saved By the Bell/Good Morning Miss Bliss thing for a while now. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Saved By the Bell was an early 90s show based around showing the shenanigans of some high school friends. What a surprising number of people either don’t know or forget is that it started as a show called Good Morning Miss Bliss that was essentially the same thing but more focused on the teachers. But same sets, a lot of the same cast, and a lot of the time is now rolled into the Saved By the Bell history even though it’s distinctly it’s own thing.

2600 console vs ComicsThis show started off with just me taking forever to get through an episode because I worried way too much about being perfect without having to edit much. Spoiler alert, that sucked. Then for a few episodes I had Sean but life happened and he had to stop. And don’t think I’m trying to hid anything there it’s literally what happened and I have no hard feelings about it.

So where do you go when you lose a cohost and you know that you can’t do the show by yourself but you also are too afraid to get a new cohost because you don’t want to have them need to leave and start over? Well if you’re me you just don’t put out the show for a while and then use the flash drive to the last episode you recorded with your old cohost to mod an Xbox and have to record it solo and know that it sucks but you put it out anyway. Then record another solo episode and again realize that it sucks.

And then you realize that the only way to do it is to just lean into the cohost worries all the way and find a new cohost for every episode.

Since then I’ve joined a few groups of people and while I’m no longer with all of them I definitely don’t regret joining at all. Pretty much everyone I’ve run across while doing this has had a least a small hand in shaping what the show has become.

So that’s how we got here about a year ago. I’ve made some great friends doing this and I’m not going to list them all here because I’ve pretty much already made an episode about that. Plus there’s no way to list everyone and with how things are going that list would be out of date with a few days anyway.

I’ve got big things planned for the future of the show. Some of which I’ve already made public, some I’ll tell you about if you ask but I don’t think it’s time to just throw it out there yet. And some of the stuff I just can’t tell you about yet because if it doesn’t happen there’s no reason for that information to be out there. Cryptic, I know, and I’m sorry about that but it’s how it’s going to stay.

Mostly though I’m just excited because this is what I’m going to consider my Pod Birthday. Yeah the show existed before but only as a shell of what it is now and without the change I know for a 100% fact that it would have been one of those many podcasts that did a handful of episodes and then just disappeared.

Here’s to another year, and to whatever milestone is going to sneak up on me next.

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