Words: Alyson Shelton

Art: Elise McCall

Colors: Hilary Jenkins

Letters: Joamette Gil

Producer/Editor: Jessica Petelle

This book is dystopian sci-fi with some fantasy flair.

Reburn is set in a futuristic or alternative universe where AI, holograms and memory implants exist. We’re in the future baby! This is a dystopian story a la Brave New World: too shiny and everyone is just a bit too “unified.” There’s a giant pre-recorded hologram of their government leader that stands over the city at night, regaling the locals with her rhetoric. “We are one,” she says. 

“I am uncomfortable,” I think.

But then we meet May, a drug addicted woman who seems to be struggling with her memories. She has daughters, but doesn’t know if they’re real. Her ex-lover appears, but she can’t tell if he’s real or a withdrawal fueled hallucination. Her relationship is appallingly horrid and her husband is well-deserving of the knife May stabs into his throat. She seems to have a handful of allies and been a victim of torture. She can make fire from her hands and may be connected to a revolution? We’re told a lot in this issue, but I ended up with more questions. There’s just a lot about her that we – the reader – just don’t know.

The first question I have is “Is this a sequel?”

The answer is “Yes!” Alyson Shelton has screenplays and scripts for May, her daughter Violet, and the revolution they lead. This comic is an independent endeavor between her and Jessica Petelle and maybe a first for Alyson’s career? Elise McCall absolutely executed a comic’s art job perfectly. The art is quality in this book: silhouettes are simple, lines are crisp, scenery and detail are not confusing – just perfection! Ruth Ilano and Elise McCall were both amazing with the colors, too. Nothing is muddy, it’s not overly shadowed or inked. 

I’d like to learn more about May, her skills, and her journey. I, personally, can’t wait for Fire Hands Power, but I kind of wish I could have watched the movie version. I would rather enjoy this as a whole story rather than the pieces that we get through comics singles. May and her world obviously have a rich history that can be explored – Alyson has a massive backlog of stories for this world! Film might be an easier medium for which I can accept mysteries in plots. 

However, kudos to Alyson and Jessica for getting this off the ground and successfully funded through Kickstarter. Right on!

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