Words: Rich Douek

Art: Alex Cormack

Colors: Mark Mullaney

Letters: Justin Birch

Publisher: IDW

I realize with this one that I’m a sucker for finding creators on Twitter and reading their stuff because of our interactions over there. I’m a simple guy, if someone asks people to read their thing then I’ll probably read it. I guess this doesn’t really have anything to do with anything except that I feel like part of me writing these reviews is letting you know why I read something.

So Rich Douek sent me over a copy, I read it, I loved it. It became the first thing that someone working at my local comic shop recommended to me. Let’s just say it was a good move all around.

Sea of Sorrows is a tale of treasure hunting in 1926. WWI is over, and honestly I love the tech from this era. I think a comic like this is a perfect way of showing this tech off as well. Something about those old school diving suits with the literal hoses just speaks to me. Screams that the people here are literally putting themselves into some scary situations in order to explore the amazing undersea world. You know, things like “Oh, I’m just going to hope that a shark doesn’t come by and bit through this hose which is the only thing getting me air all the way down here. Not a big deal.” And the art to me instantly puts you into the mindset of being in that era.

The story itself is also pretty good. I get some Treasure Island vibes, but that could also just be from one of the main characters being named Jim Hawkins. You’ve got a crew that doesn’t 100% want to be working together on a personal level, but also knows that that they are all good at their jobs and trust each other to get done what needs to get done.

This isn’t a book I’d grab without intending to continue on with it. And there’s nothing wrong with that, this is being made as a 5 part miniseries so it’s not like it’s  big commitment. It’s definitely the end of a chapter as opposed to the end of a small story inside a bigger one. I’m good with that. In fact I really like that because they way I read comics it’s a lot easier to get through a single issue than it is to get through a trade.

One way or another this is something I think you’ll want to read if you’re into horror comics. I’ll be grabbing single issues as they come along. Maybe you’re someone who would rather wait for a trade, or at least wait until you can get all the issues at once. But really as long as you get around to reading it I’m pretty confident that you’ll be glad you did.

Chris Osborne

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