Sean joins Chris and the show goes insane in the best way possible. The language gets more adult though so you might want to be careful about that. We try no to go overboard, but no promises.

Things Covered

  • Making a good Superman game is hard
  • The really weird list of powers Superman has/had
  • Some gameplay images, and things that are eerily similar
    • Screenshot from the Superman game on NES
    • An example of what the Superman characters look like.
    • Seriously, this can’t be a coincidence
  • The level of situational awareness of the citizens of Metropolis
  • General gameplay notes
  • Overall game quality notes
  • Unintented previews of future Superman games
  • Chris’s flea market habbits
  • A glimpse into future plans
  • How we’d improve the game
  • Did we mention that making a good Superman game is hard?

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