I picked up this comic to review because I had never heard of this hero before. There is a reason for that. This character is primarily found in older TV series in Japan. However, let me tell you Marvel has done a great job at creating a fast paced story with the character borrowed from Tsuburaya Productions. The essence of this comic is big monster fights which I am a huge fan of. Though there is a new twist on the big monster fights. The reader gets a protagonist to follow and root for in these fights.Continue Reading

There are so many ways to experience the world that is the Dune universe.  Your experience could be from the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert or its five sequels, the 1984 movie based off the novel directed by David Lynch, Dune the Graphic Novel, or you could choose this 12 part series published by BOOM! Studios.  I know  the big experience I am looking forward to is the Dune movie coming out in 2021 that is directed by Denis Villeneuve which could have been the deciding factor in picking up this comic.Continue Reading