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Play Comics Stands With Comic Book Workers United

We here at Play Comics stand behind the employees at Image Comics working to create a union and better working conditions for everyone working at Image.

Making comics is hard work and nobody needs to have the extra pressure of worrying about their livelihood hanging over their head while doing it. From workloads to payment to the coverage of work necessities like office supplies and utilities (covered if you work in the office but not if you work from home) there needs to be a set of standards that publishers are held to.

Play Comics has decided that in a show of solidarity with these people integral to the comics creation process, we will take the following actions until this has been resolved.

  1. Nothing published by Image Comics will be reviewed
  2. No guests will be brought onto the show for the specific purpose of talking about a work published by Image Comics
  3. Episodes of the podcast focusing on games based on comics published by Image Comics will not be aired (anything currently out will stay there because it’s already out in the world and can’t really be put back in the box).
  4. No news will be delivered about Image Comics except things directly related to the current situation.

We hope for a speedy resolution that gives the employees of Image Comics everything they deserve and more.

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Break For Real

Alright guys, we really need to get the house ready to sell. Despite saying that I’ve been working on that most of the free time has been spent working on the podcast in one way or another. Good for content, not so good for getting into a new house. 

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On a Break

No special messages this time or anything, the show is simply going on a break. Not sure for how longs.

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Website Redesign

Website updates. Nothing too exciting here.

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Patreon post with some behind the scenes audio. If you want to be able to hear it head on over to Patreon and follow Ninja Penguin Pods and join any tier.

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Welcome to the New Site and Feed

Thanks for your patience, we’ll be back with your regularly scheduled programming on Sunday September 23rd.

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Play Comics is Taking A Short Break

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but I’ve got a stupid hurricane coming at me. So the show is going to be on a bit of a break.

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The Arbitrary Rules

One stop shopping for what I’m covering on the show in an audio format. For more details check out the about page. To leave me a…