Dune: House Atreides #1

Words: Kevin J Anderson, Brian Herbert





There are so many ways to experience the world that is the Dune universe.  Your experience could be from the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert or its five sequels, the 1984 movie based off the novel directed by David Lynch, Dune the Graphic Novel, or you could choose this 12 part series published by BOOM! Studios.  I know  the big experience I am looking forward to is the Dune movie coming out in 2021 that is directed by Denis Villeneuve which could have been the deciding factor in picking up this comic.

Regardless of how you have experienced the Dune universe,  I do not think you will be mad to experience the universe through this adaptation.  From the first issue, one can tell that this 12 part series will include multiple parts of the massive world the original novels created.  You can pick up on this from all the characters introduced in this first issue.  Though from this point I can not tell who will be the biggest part of this “spicy” story (if you are aware of the Dune universe, you will understand that pun).

We will follow the characters introduced in this issue to see how all the different people travel from their home worlds and have their stories overlap in such a peculiar place.  At this point it seems like a huge undertaking to have at least four different storylines converge to one, but we have 12 issues to see how it is done.

This issue of the comic definitely opens up with one of the more explosive storylines that is covered, and quickly shows the reader where the action will take place.  This issue introduces a botched retrieval mission, a small “soap-boxy” love triangle, a proposal for exploration, and one story of growing up I can not attempt to try and predict the outcome.   However, if world building is not your cup of tea, you may have to weather the first couple issues.

A comic like this starts a little slower than normal.  This series may be one you want to wait for the trade, so you can quickly read through the introductions to get to the action.  Regardless if you read week-to-week with the issues or all in one sitting with a trade, you will be glad you stuck with this comic, and intrigued with your exploration of the desert planet Arrakis (also known as Dune by the Fremen).

Tyler Kirby is an an ex-engineer and current middle school math teacher. In his spare time he likes to read comics, play video games, and hang out with his awesome wife.

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