Words: Zac Thompson

Art: Andy MacDonald

Colors: Triona Farrell

Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou


I’ve said this before, and I feel like I’ll say it many times over the years. I’m a simple dude. Zac Thompson writes a book, I’ll probably buy the book. And I’ll certainly review the book especially when Zac is the one to send it to me.

Just in case the cover doesn’t give this fact away, I Breathed a Body is gross, full of weird body images, definitely isn’t for kids in any way, and I love it.

So let’s start with the part that jumped out at me right from the start. Andy MacDonald and Triona Farrell are dead on the money here. Right off the rip you’re thrown into a world that is horrifying and horrifyingly normal adjacent. It’s definitely not a thing I’ve seen in real life at all, but there’s no question of what’s going on and that it’s just not right in the normal world.

And it’s this way throughout the entire book. And I love it.

But you can’t forget the story here either. I Breathed A Body is a story that looks at the effects social media has on us in our everyday lives. It’s not just scary with the imagery used here, although there’s plenty of that going on. It also hits on a sociological level and the sense of dread because we’ve gotten ourselves into a world where social media can be simultaneously the best and worst part our existence.

And yet it’s not preachy at all. It feels weird for you to praise this for having an actual story, especially since this is something I’d talked to with Zac before.

I’m excited to see where this one is going, especially after hearing Zac’s thoughts on social media (see my previous Lonely Receiver episode, but sadly I’m too lazy to find the time stamp) and how being so connected to your fans makes the interactions both really fulfilling and draining.

Read this if you’re into horror comics. Read this if you’re into good stories. Read this if you want to see an interpretation of how technology has effected and will continue to effect the way we perceive the world around us.

But mostly just go read it. And then go on social media and talk about it.

Chris Osborne

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