Welcome to another thrilling episode of Play Comics, the only podcast where comics and video games collide with the force of a well-aimed zombie headshot! This week, we’re diving into the eerie, undead-infested waters of the Kickstarter campaign for Outbreaks, a comic series that’s stirring up more excitement than a horde of zombies at a brain buffet.

Joining us in the studio is none other than the necromancer of narrative himself, Will Robson. Creator of Outbreaks, Will is here to share the spine-chilling secrets behind his latest creation. Think Black Mirror meets The Walking Dead—yes, it’s as cool as it sounds!

So, grab your survival gear and a sturdy blunt object, because we’re about to crack open the crypt on what makes Outbreaks a must-back project on Kickstarter. Will’s going to spill the guts (figuratively speaking, of course) on everything from crafting a zombie anthology that could raise the dead to the ins and outs of crowdfunding your comic dreams into reality.

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