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Legacy Comix is a pretty new player on the scene, starting operations late in 2021. But don’t let this relative newness trick you, they’re on top of their game and ready to take over the scene. Let’s take a deeper look into

The mission of Legacy Comix is simple. Remember when you used to pick up a comic book at your local newsstand? That’s the way our comics will look and feel. We are dedicated to preserving what is so great about comics.

Simple. Direct. I like that. And so far I’ve found it to be true. Legacy owner and Editor in Chief Patrick Hickey Jr has built up a company full of people who enjoy making good comics. From Kieran X. Quinn and Afrim Gjonbalaj who have been there from basically the beginning to the team of Dan Evans and Joshua Adams bringing us an entire world to explore to industry vets like Carl Antonowicz who you really need to make sure you keep tabs on, Legacy Comix is collecting talent like crazy right now.

Being so new, Legacy Comix doesn’t have any certain kind of creator that they’re looking for. Instead they’re focused more on finding people who are willing to learn, make deadlines, and help to make Legacy comix better both as a company and the individuals that make it up.

Despite this general approach to creators, the comics they’ve put out so far have tended to fall into the gritty noir range. Patrick tells me that this could change in the future though with some more comedy and teen focused comics coming out next year. I’ve seen some of this, and I’m really excited about them.

Success at Legacy Comix right now is measured in making yourself and your craft better. It’s a ton of learning everything that isn’t the creating side of the business. Things like working within tight deadlines instead of the free flowing, release it when it’s done world of self publishing. Or selling and promoting their work to potential readers and not just relying on the publisher to take care of that end of things. Straight from Patrick himself, “That’s not just the job of a publisher. The more a creator brings to the table, the more they can work with the publisher in reaching their goals.” It really is a big game of helping the people who help you and making someone else’s job easier.

So with all of that in mind, what can we expect to see from Legacy Comix over the next year? Right now the big focus is on the 4 books for their winter release (last time I asked Patrick, what exactly those 4 books are isn’t set in stone yet but I can say with 100% certainty that none of them are written by me) and getting ready for their first trade paperbacks and graphic novels. Does this mean we could be getting a collected Condrey? I can’t say because I didn’t ask, but it is something that’s potentially on the table. No matter what though it’ll be a great way to catch up on some stories that you’ve missed.

Let’s get a couple fun facts to close things out.

1. Legacy Comix is run by a single person; Patrick Hickey Jr. He takes care of editing, layout, social media, packing orders, day to day website operations, coffee acquisition and consumption, throwing guest names out to podcasts and making that connection, basically a ton of stuff. And if I may say so myself, he’s pretty good at it.

2. Editor in Chief Patrick thinks that Heathcliff or Thunder Cats has the best cartoon theme song. He’s obviously wrong though since the correct answer is DuckTales.

Be sure to listen to Patrick talk about the Legacy Comix Fall 2022 Releases and stop by Legacy Comix Shop on their website to pick up some of these comics for yourself.

Chris Osborne

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