Welcome back, wrestling aficionados and gaming geeks, to another electrifying episode of Play Comics! This week, we’re diving headfirst into the ring with Ultimate MUSCLE: Legends vs New Generation on the GameCube—a game that packs more punches than a heavyweight championship bout and more laughs than a Kid Muscle training session.

We’re not tackling this muscle-bound madness alone. Joining us is none other than Doug Wood —an all-around comic connoisseur and arguably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet on the internet. Seriously, if kindness were a wrestling move, Doug would be the undisputed champion.

In this episode we’ll explore how this game, based on the Ultimate Muscle anime (itself a continuation of the legendary Kinnikuman manga), brings the larger-than-life Choujins to your living room. Expect a whirlwind of cell-shaded animation, over-the-top wrestling moves, and a storyline that pits the old guard against the new generation in a battle for the ages.

So, lace up your boots, don your spandex, and get ready to rumble as we body slam our way through the quirks and charms of Ultimate MUSCLE: Legends vs New Generation. And remember, in the immortal words of Kid Muscle: “There’s a big thing called survival!”

Learn such things as:

  • How did that after school anime block warp our ideas of what anime should be?
  • Is it possible for a story to both matter and not matter even one single bit?
  • How do our childhood experiences influence the tastes that we have as we pretend to be a grown up in this cruel world?
  • And so much more!

You can find Doug on Twitter @DougaWood1 and all things flow from there.

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Intro/Outro Music by Best Day, who just wants one of those cool luchador masks.

Chris Osborne

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